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This website is the information service of polish fly expedition “ The White Eagle” and about new sport (soaring up above the top of mountain, landing on and take off from the summits over 3000 meters over the sea):


„Every dream is given us from God with the power to realize this dream.”

Timeless sentence.


Mr. Paweł Szymanek is the originator and the head of the expedition’s team “The White Eagle”, whose the main goal is to capture the highest mountain of the world – Mount Everest. Mr. Szymanek with rest of the group (Adam Libura and Błażej Błażejowski) do not want to achieve that in a traditional way but he want to use the modified hang glide with motors for landing on the tip of the world. Till now, in history of the world, nobody has not taken such a spectacular and daring event to accomplish. There are known only few incident of flying down from the top of the globe, but not in the opposite side.

Continuing the achievements of the famous, polish alpinist Jurek Kukuczka, they want to mark (determine) the first save air road to the roof of the world. Poles would like to create first save air way on the Mount Everest. Nobody before has not tried such a courageous challenge, so this polish trio became pioneers of the new style of reaching the highest summits. Gentlemen want to fly and alight on the summit of the highest point of the world and come back safely in a one piece, of course.

Smoked Mt. Everest (spring 2005r.).

“Lift on the height where modern aircrafts and rackets can only fly, landing on the little, sloping piece of the surface, which was created on the top during the monsoon time by the violent storms and take off from the peak of this mountain - THIS IS THE ACHIEVEMENT FOR THIS NEW MILLENIUM” - heroes call unanimously adding together – “Success of our mission could change classical approach of ascending the summits, not only in Himalaya but everywhere in the World”.

 At the end of June our Gentlemen set out on Alaska, where they are going to carry on a necessary air tests on massif of McKinlley. The weather condition in this region is very similar to Himalaya, that is why our men chose this area to realize the most dangerous air tests. In the autumn there is planed the main fly expedition to Nepal for only one target to fly up from the start base camp to the next higher base and at the end they are going to reach the culminating point of massif of the Everest.

Author : Paweł Szymanek, Alpy 2004r., 3750m n.p.m.


Paweł Szymanek is chemist (age 31) specialized in the nuclear synthesis and organic chemistry. Fan of mountains, natures and extreme achievements, alpinist, he ascended to many summits of Polish mountains and Alps, more significant: Mount Blanc (4807m),Mount Cook (3754m), Elbrus (5633m), Chan Tengri (7021m), Communism Peak (7134m), Aconcagua (6960m), McKinley (6194m) and member of the expedition of Mount Everest 2005 (8848m). Polar explorer, head of of polish expedition of Spitsbergen 2001 and participant of Spitsbergen 2002. His additional hobby are: paragliding, hang gliding, design and construct of rackets, far-away expedition, diving and cooking.

from the last minutes:

The first anniversary day of death of our friend Angelo D’Arrigo

(Memory of Angelo, 26 march 2006)


-One year ago We were shocked by tragic news “Angelo D’Arrigo died tragically in a little airplane in Sicily”. A lot of us could not trust in such things but soon it proved to be a truth.

-With him died also a retired general of the italian military aviation.The athlet, 45 years old, was on board of a Sky Arrow piloted by the general De Marchis.
Just after the take off the litlle airplane made a turn, got out of control and crashed on the ground from an altitude of 150 meters. An istructor who saw the accident says the airplane stalled during the turn. The pilot was not able to control anymore the plane that crashed in to the ground. Angelo died whilst doing what he loved best- flying.



Dear Angelo, we will never forget you!!!






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